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It is now often that we hear the phrase “domestic violence”. In other areas, it is referred to as domestic abuse or family violence. Violence occurs in different parts of society. The place where it occurs normally makes the term used to be different. Maybe you have seen violence on the news regarding terrorist attacks and when there are political clashes that got out of hand. Those scenarios are violence sources no matter how you look at it. But when you consider the violence in intimate relationship, it might be little surprising.Marriages fail because the spouses cannot reach a common ground about a lot of things and they even resort to the infliction of physical pain. Physical blows are exchanged between spouses. It is also common to see family violence and battering nowadays. People who are unaware of their legal rights will surely suffer more than those who are. Intimate partner violence is also seeing a steep rise. Physical abuse even starts during the dating stage. Many problems get blown out of proportion when, really, they all started with a simple misunderstanding. Among the many classifications of physical abuse are physical abuse and emotional abuse.It is considered physical abuse if the partner is kicked, slapped, beaten up, bitten, and so on. It is also considered as physical abuse or domestic violence if an item is flung at a partner with the full intention of inflicting pain. Punishment by the law will depend on the severity of the abuse.A lot of attention is given to the matter of sexual abuse. People who are found guilty of committing sexual abuse are not spared from punishment. Emotional abuse is also another major domestic abuse section. When one partner dominates the other when it comes to his thoughts, feelings, or ambitions, the consequences could be disastrous. The emotional abuse is also referred to as the mental abuse or physiological abuse are subjected to physical trauma like depression or anxiety or when specific actions of your partner lead to major health or mental issues, these can be considered as psychological or emotional abuse. Post-traumatic stress also falls under this category. Bullying or child abuse is also a type of emotional abuse. This could happen at home or even at work. When a person suffers from some kind of mental illness or alcohol addiction problems, this might result in physical abuse at times. If one of the partners is dealing with such issues, it is more likely that the domestic violence will escalate.States and countries definition or domestic violence and its various types generally vary. They also have different documentations on domestic violence reports and records. A partner who is kidnapped can be said to be subjected to physical abuse. Apart from this, the verbal abuse or economic abuse is also considered as punishable acts. The effect of these abuses in both partners will be severe.
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Like all the domestic animals, dogs are susceptible to many diseases. So in order to keep them healthy, it is necessary to understand the various diseases they can suffer from. Here is your quick guide on common dog diseases:

Rabies: This disease is caused due to a virus which affects the central nervous system of the dog. It generally spreads through the saliva. Rabies has several stages. In the first stage, there appears some behavior changes in your dog. As it reaches the second stage, the dog becomes very aggressive and by the third stage the body parts of the dog stop coordinating with each other. Once encountered the disease, there remains no cure.

Distempter: This is considered as the biggest threat to the whole population of the dog species. The symptoms are heavy nasal discharge, congestion in the chest, weight loss, coughing, gunky eyes and diarrhea. As the disease reaches its later stages, it has a direct effect on the nervous system of the dog causing paralysis. It is a contagious disease and the virus can be encountered by the air. Even by coming in contact with the excretion of the infected dog, the healthy dog can get afflicted. Once the dog is infected, then there is no cure for the disease. This deadly disease can be prevented by giving a proper vaccination to the dog.

Bloat: It is a serious disorder in a dog, wherein there occurs a twisting in the stomach of the animal. It generally occurs due to over eating. If the dog appears restless and depressed with dry heaves, then you must treat him for bloat.

Parvovirus: This virus is a fast killer as the symptoms can be seen in the dogs within hours of the virus attack, even killing the dog within 48-72 hours. It is a contagious disease and directly attacks the intestinal tract of the dog’s digestive system. The effect of the virus can also be seen on the heart of the dog. The symptoms include depression, severe form of diarrhea, vomiting and also loss of appetite. In this disease the color of the feacel matter changes and often have blood stains.

Canine Viral Hepatitis: This disease directly targets the kidney, the liver and the blood vessels of the dog. The symptoms include loss in appetite, intense thirst, vomiting and hemorrhages. The virus of the disease spreads through the faecel matter of the other dogs. The dogs can be prevented from this disease by administering them with the vaccination.

Kennel Cough: This is the most common respiratory disease among the dogs, wherein a typical kind of cough can be seen in the dogs. If given proper treatment, the disorder can be mended.

Leptospirosis: It is a bacterial disease. It spreads through the excretion of the animals. If human beings any how come in contact with this virus, they can also be infected. There is not one but several species of bacterias that produce this disease in dogs. The common symptoms of this disease are kidney inflammation, lethargy, conjuctivita, low grade fever and even sometimes clotting of blood. If the disease is more chronic the symptoms can be jaundice, pneumonia and intestinal inflammation.

Retinal Dysplasia: It is a disorder where there is an abnormal development of the retina. There occurs folds in the outer layers of the retina. It is the most common type of disease that is present in most of the breeds of dogs. A minor form of dysplasia causes minor vision problems, whereas an acute one can lead to total blindness in dogs. Cataract is also accompanied by this disorder.

Lyme Disease: It is a bacterial disease that is spread by ticks. The dog suffers from joint pains, loss of appetite, fever and lethargy. TetracyclineFree Web Content, an antibiotic is used for the treatment of this disease.

It is thus important to detect early symptoms of these diseases in your pet dogs and meet your vet as soon as possible. This will not only keep your dog healthy but will also keep it away from any of the life threatening diseases.

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By cocoparisienne from Pixabay