Animal Communicators: Guide To Animal Reiki

About Elizabeth Fulton

Elizabeth has always been drawn to healing animals since she was a
child, and has had a deep connection with them ever since. She has a
Masters in Clinical Psychology and also studied homeopathy for two
years. Over the years she has worked with families, adults and children
and consequently developed an understanding of how the concerns in
humans overlap with challenges faced by animals.

Her career has involved her being a teacher and Reiki healer, working in
shelters and with Guide Dogs for the Blind and the Elephant Sanctuary
in Tennessee. She specializes in issues associated with emotional and
behavioural problems, dying and demise, injury and illnesses, missing
animals and communicating with animals after death. Her clients come
from all around the world and include animal-related medical

Animal Communicator

Elizabeth Fulton is an experienced animal communicator who helps people
and their animals achieve intuitive communication. This involves sending
and receiving images, thoughts and emotions mentally.

She has been instrumental in deepening the understanding between people
and animals and helps in resolving any challenges that may exist, either
physically, emotionally or spiritually. She also uses her skills to
help people and their animals to:

• Find one another when the animal goes missing. • Develop and
understanding of their purpose together. • Create an understanding when
the animal behaves strangely or inappropriately. • Clearly understand
physical injuries and illnesses. • Communicate with one another when
the animal nears its transition stage or after transition from this

Animal Reiki

In literal terms, the word Reiki means “Spiritual Energy” i.e. ‘Rei’
means spirit while ‘Ki’ means energy. Reiki is ideally used for animals
since it is very gentle, non-invasive and requires no physical contact.

Elizabeth was in fact one of the first people practicing Reiki to
animals. Owing to her years of experience giving thousands of successful
treatments to a numerous variety of animals, she has become sort of a
Reiki maestro. Elizabeth has witnessed Reiki bring many miraculous
changes in the lives of people and their animal companions.

She has even gone ahead to use her vast knowledge to write lots of articles and even an Animal Reiki
book. She is also the co-author of Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal
the Animals in Your LifeFind Article, a book now available in bookstores and online
booksellers like Amazon. This book is a comprehensive guide for using
Reiki to heal various types of animals and is recommended for beginning
and experienced animal practitioners.

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animal life Photo
By MemoryCatcher from Pixabay